Henna for an engagement in Cherry Hill NJ

some of the pictures from engagement party done in Cherry hill New Jersey.
The girl getting engaged did wanted a traditional design with Open spaces and her sister selected a Arabic based Henna design for her self.
I did 4-5 more hands but I could not take their pictures.
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the after Pictures of Henna from the Henna Class.

The after pictures of Henna from the henna Class. Here is the look at how the henna turned out after 12-14 hours of application. I am sure Henna would turn even darker in the next 24 hours.

Pictures from Henna instruction and information session

I was Invited to conduct a instruction and information session, By a spa in Philadelphia. They were offering some henna along with the massage services and the Salon services.

I had a wonderful time with the artists who were eager to learn about Henna. It staining properties, what makes it stain longer, what makes it stain darker , how to mix and apply henna etc. In the end I did henna on all the students who were there so they could see how I do henna designs. here are the pictures

Urmis's 1st karwa chauth Mehndhi

This are the pictures of Urmi's Mehndhi. Lucky girl she was. Her Husband did the websearch for her and mad an appointment with mw. He called me ot confirm and drove her to my place to get Mehndi and later picked her up.
She mentioned it was her first Karwachauth after marriage and she wanted to get really elaborate designs.
She Loved Mehndi very much
So here are the pictures of her henna.

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Mehndi for Mona on Karwa chauth.

I do take indiviual appoints at home. This lady clled and came in to get some Mehndi. She wanted just 1hand but she went ahead and got both the hands both the sides hennaed.
She mentioned she was getting mehndi for Karwa chauth, a big festival for Punjabis.
I also liked her mehndhi
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Something special for the Groom From the Bride

She Came to me and she wanted a script written on her back. Cute and lovely. The stained result will only be seen by the Groom. What a great Idea.
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Pictures from the Mehndi for the bride and the Bridesmaid.

The Bride's friend Felicia had seen me doing Henna at the opening of a beauty Salon in Philadelphia. She hired me for her friend's wedding who was marring a man of Indian Origin.
It was wonderful working with the bride to be an their friends who loved Mehndi on them.
Although Bride did not get the Traditional Indian Wedding style mehndi. For her less was more.
So here are the pictures from the Bridal party mehndhi
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Few pictures from Henna done this weekend

I had a sweet sixteen party in New town PA. The girls were very much interested in Henna. The small room assigned for Henna was full the entire time. I did henna non-stop for about 2 hours and 10 minutes. I enjoyed listening to all the girls chatter and doing Henna on them. I did do a bracelet wrap, same design over for 6 times! I managed to take pictures of about 5-6 designs from about 25 I did.
After that I had a Id Party In Blue bell PA. Very Nice people and a good party. Henna was for little girls and they all wanted to get Henna. Here Too I just took 4-5 pictures out of many Henna designs I had done in the 1 hour I was there. The little girls did not want to wait to take pictures!

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